We have a known problem that we shouldn't ignore any more

3 out of every 4 of us across all income levels can’t properly manage our money

What most people don’t know is that our basic money habits are set between ages 5-9

We have to teach fiscal literacy as a family - it’s not done in school

What we are doing about it

Guiding kids to form good habits, learn, and go out into the real world best prepared


deep-rooted money and number smarts


concepts and instill good personal values


a real bank account and own money

Saving made fun, and forming good habits

Needs vs. Wants (Rough Cut)

Music by Zach Gill
(Jack Johnson Band, ALO)

We are hard at work to bring our offerings to the market soon. Share your thoughts and help us make great things!

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About Us

We are a team of creators, technologists, educators, and parents with a single mission: To usher every iGen children into adulthood with financial literacy, math aptitude, and good human values.

We are joined by these 4 heros and heroines in our rich fictional world.

When the farm animals and wild animals decided to run from the crazy, self-destructive humans and create their own world in the deep forest, it was only a matter of time before these heros and heroines would emerge.

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